The Position of Your Hand That You Are Holding Can Reveal Something Shocking About Your Body


Our busy and stressful lives and the pace by which we are going through on a daily basis are those who cause all the pain in our mind and body.

Beside the traditional medicine like painkillers, antibiotics and different kind of pills, people sometimes use yoga, acupuncture or meditation. Although these techniques are considered as very useful, there is one more technique that the Westerns haven’t heard about it before.

In this article you will read about one technique which was found in India. The technique is called Mudra Hand Gestures and it is used for body parts stimulation that can cause pain relief.

There are 8 basic hand gestures. Instead of hesitating, you should try them and I am sure that you will use them very often.

1. Gyan Mudra

This hand gesture will help you get rid of the pessimism and fatigue. It is known for enlarging the level of enthusiasm, the element of air and it is boosting creativity.

2. Vayu Mudra

In the 21st century, the anxiety attacks are considered as the most dangerous enemy for our health. Try this hand gesture and it will help you lower the level of air element and it will keep you calm.

3. Aakash Mudra

This hand gesture is used for raising the space element. It will help you decrease the feeling of melancholy, fear, anger and congestive problems.

4. Shunya Mudra

If you suffer from earache, this hand gesture will help you get rid of it. It can also lower the space element.

5. Prithvi Mudra

If you feel pain in the muscles and fatigue this hand gesture will help you solve those problems. It can decrease the fire element and expand the earth element.

6.  Surya Mudra

If you have problems with the thyroid gland, then this hand gesture will definitely help you. It is completely opposite from the previous one, it lowers the earth element and it expands the fire element.

7. Varun Mudra

If you are constantly dealing with cramps, arthritis or if you feel pain in the joints, this hand gesture is the right solution for you. It can also increase the water element.

8. Jal Shaamak Judra

This hand gesture is really helpful for the people who have problems with too much sweating, runny nose and teary eyes. It can decrease the water element.

People find these hand gestures really useful. They can do them very easy no matter if they are at work or walking in the park.  Try it! You cannot lose anything. On the contrary, this can only help you.

Share this article with your closest ones and have a happier and painless life.

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