Russian Doctor Explains That You Can Recover Your Immunity in Only 15 Seconds!


If you often suffer from cold and flu, you definitely need serious boosting because your immunity is weak.

Every person has had weak immunity at some point of the life, but many people permanently have a low immune system.

In order to prevent different health issues and complications, you need to strengthen your immunity.

Surgey Bubnovkiy is a famous Russian doctor who discovered extremely effective way to boost the immunity. Soaking the feet in ice cold water is the simple trick that will significantly boost your immunity.

10-15 sec per day on a daily basis is enough – it does not have to be for long!

This trick will prevent you from cold, flu and other conditions.

You only have to fill a basin of cold water and then add as much as you can. The next thing you should do is to soak the feet in the basin and keep them for 10-15 sec.

It would be perfect to perform this procedure before go to sleep. You should repeat the procedure every four hours if your immunity is really weak. Icy water stimulates the production of norepinephrine according to the University of Virginia.

Furthermore, that is not all, here the other health benefits of this water trick:

  • Shiner Hair – do not forget that icy water closes the hair follicles and thus giving your hair shines and smoothness.
  • Boosts your Skin Health – it energizes the skin, tightens the cuticles and prevents blood clotting.
  • Fights Depression – you will lower depression symptoms and improve your mood by soaking your feet in icy water, due to the cold receptors affecting the skin.
  • Eases Sore Muscles – it also lowers muscle pain

You should definitely perform this trick in order to enjoy the amazing beneficial effects!

Via Healthy Cures