Recent Studies Showed that Strict Mothers Have Successful Children


Were your parents strict while you were growing up? Were they constantly telling you that you should tidy your room, get your homework done and think about your future?  Almost all of us have been raised by scrupulous mothers who made our lives hard to live.

Frequent annoying and trying to make you obedient was probably difficult to achieve, but one of the experts says that the scrupulous mothers are the ones who have better children. Even though your mum made your life very hard, you’ll probably have to thank her for that.

The professor on the University of Essex, Erica Rascon has done a research which showed that the strict mothers have very successful children, and the other way around. In the period of 2004-2010, 15000 polls of children on the age of 13-14 were included in the study. Rascon pointed out that the measured expectations in the research are because of the desire and the ambition of the parents for having higher education, especially the mother.

The mothers who were very ambitious have children with higher self-confidence and they are more secured. The research has also showed that the daughters with annoying and scrupulous mothers have 4% less chances of getting pregnant in early age. The children who have pushy parents have more chances to get a college degree and a good job. Although it may sound unreal, the scrupulous mothers really have better children.

Rascal said that in most of the cases we had managed to achieve what they thought that will be best for us. No matter how hard we tried to run away from our mothers, their advice has influenced our decisions for which we think that we made them alone.

While growing up every child thinks that his/her scrupulous mother is very rude, although later in life he/she ends up grateful for it.  Your mother can make your life very hard, but growing up in the successful person that you are today is thanks to her.  You will start to think differently and maybe one day you will act the same to your children because you’ll know that this is the right way.

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