Monsanto’s Cancer-Causing Herbicide Detected In Organic Foods


Monsanto is the world’s leading producer of pesticides, and is highly controversial due to the claims that their RoundUp pesticide enters the food we eat and causes a variety of health problems. Of course, Monsanto is denying these claims, but the fact remains that glyphosate, the main ingredient in RoundUp is recognized as a carcinogen by the WHO.

Monsanto representatives claim that there are no health risks associated with glyphosate, but the reality is pretty different. The compound can indeed enter the fruit and vegetables RoundUp was sprayed with, and will eventually get into our body, which can result in big problems. According to a recent research, even organic food isn’t safe, as tests have shown that glyphosate is present in the produce which is sold as 100% organic.

According to a report made by the Alliance for Natural Health, there are “noticeable levels” of glyphosate in different organic foods including eggs and bread. The study was conducted by Bruce Hemming, a former Monsanto scientist who is certainly aware of the risk this compound poses. There’s a normal amount of contamination which occurs due to mass spraying of pesticides, and the FDA has set the maximum allowed limit of glyphosate in organic produce, but the tests have shown significantly high levels in many organic fruits and veggies which can certainly raise the risk of cancer and other serious diseases.

According to Gretchen DuBeau, executive director of the AHN, the fact that glyphosate ends up in eggs or coffee creamers which have no contact with RoundUp means that the carcinogen is passed on by animals who have digested the produce. “This goes against any regulations and what many scientists have been saying,” DuBeau says. Even with these new facts, Monsanto still claims that glyphosate is not harmful to our health, but can we really trust them?

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