Man With 3-Foot Penis Feels Like A New Man Following Life-Changing Surgery


A Kenyan man with a three foot penis and 11 pound testicles has gotten a new lease on life after undergoing a life-changing surgery.

For Horace Owiti Opiyo, otherwise known as Forence, his saga first began in 2006 when he first noticed a cyst on his genitals. He had it removed, but a year later the growth retaliated with a vengeance, growing his penis 20 times the average size, reports The Mirror.

“I told my grandmother that I have been infected by a disease, but I’m not sure what it is. It could be a curse. I knew this was not God’s work, but the devil’s,” Forence said.

After being diagnosed with scrotal elephantiasis, the 20-year-old was forced to drop out of school, unable to lead a normal life.

“The pain became increasingly unbearable, so that I couldn’t even walk or sit. I walked as if I had bowed legs,” he said.

The disease can be caused by a mosquito bite injecting larvae into the circulatory system. It then grows into parasitic worms blocking the body’s drainage system, resulting into extensive swelling.

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Unable to pay for reconstructive surgery, Forence tried to solve his problem by utilizing natural solutions, but all his attempts ultimately failed.

A glimmer of hope reached Forence after his neighbour took pictures of his genitals and wrote about his situation on social media. It caught the attention of the Kisumu county Governor’s wife, Olivia Ranguma, who asked a specialist to examine him.

He was given two operations by the Doctors at Jaramogioginga Odinga Hospital to diminish the size of his scrotum and to reconstruct his penis, making them fully functional.

“When I got up I was astonished that my body was so light. All the weight had gone… I’m swimming at this point. I couldn’t go any place close to the water due to the weight of that thing,” Forence said after his surgeries.

Forence now can participate in normal activities, including soccer, which he is most excited about.

He said looks forward to starting a family one day after finding out he can now father children.

“I’m trying as much as possible to build myself up so that I can have a wife. But the next step I want to take is to get an education,” Forence said. “Who knows what will happen in the future?”

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