How To Color Your Hair Naturally, Without Chemicals?


The method of passing on the hair can fundamentally influence its quality, such a significant number of the individuals who take high care of their hair shading it seldom, or stay away from it totally.

By and by, a shading change is a tremendous difference in the general looks, and ladies just cherish it! All things considered, we have some uplifting news! You can maintain a strategic distance from each one of those unsafe chemicals, and still shading your hair!

Specifically, there are a few common techniques to change its shading, and we uncover them for you today:

For Red hair – Beet

An incredible approach to briefly shading your strands with ruddy shading is coloring your hair utilizing beet or carrot juice. Along these lines, your characteristic hair color won’t contain any frightful concoction.

Whipped coconut oil

Beet juice (with or without carrot juice)

Blend the beet juice and the coconut oil, and apply the answer for your hair. Utilize a plastic twist to cover your hair. Give it a chance to represent 60 minutes, and after that wash and condition not surprisingly. Look at the video beneath to see this hair coloring process:

You can likewise have a go at cutting a medium-sized beet into pieces. Place them in a pot and place it over warmth to bubble, and a short time later, let it cool. Include a few cuts of the beet in this fluid and you will get your shading blend!

You should simply to apply it on your hair and abandon it consequently for 15-20 minutes. A while later, wash it off utilizing vinegar and dry it. Ladies with a lighter subtlety of the hair will get the coveted impacts after the principal treatment, while others should rehash the method a couple of more circumstances.

For Golden blonde hair-Chamomile

Include 100 grams of dried chamomile blossoms down the middle a liter of water. Heat up the blend and strain it a short time later. You have to absorb the hair the readied fluid. After some time, flush your hair utilizing vinegar, with a specific end goal to settle the shading, and dry your hair.

Another technique utilizing lemon juice is:

300ml of water

8 tablespoons of dried chamomile blossoms

Juice of a large portion of a lemon

Pour the high temp water over the chamomile blossoms, and warmth for around 15 minutes. In the wake of cooling, strain the blend and include the lemon juice. Spread the blend on your whole hair, brush and let it dry. On the off chance that you dry your hair outside on the sun, you will show signs of improvement comes about. From that point forward, cleanser your hair as ordinary.

For Light darker hair-Onion peel and bark of an oak

In a liter of bubbling water, include the cut bark of an oak and some onion peels. Cook them together around 60 minutes, and afterward abandon them to cool for a hour more. You should simply to utilize this blend to wet your hair. Leave your hair along these lines for 45 minutes, and afterward flush it utilizing vinegar.

For dark colored hair-Green peel walnut

Evacuate the peel of 15-20 walnuts and cut it into pieces. At that point, pound the pieces and pour them with high temp water. Blend the blend until the point when it winds up noticeably smooth.

At that point, apply it on the hair utilizing a brush, much the same as you do with the consistent hair shading. Abandon it consequently for 15-20 minutes. A while later, wash the hair and flush it with vinegar.

Hair colors contain around 5,000 distinct chemicals, a large number of them ended up being cancer-causing in creature examines.

Onion Peels for Gray Hair

In a glass of bubbling water, douse ½ a glass of onion peels for around 20 minutes. Cover the glass to keep the warmth getting out. Utilize dressing to strain the blend, and after that add two tablespoons of glycerol to the stressed fluid. Apply this characteristic color to your hair regularly, until the point that you get the coveted shade. When you rub your hair with the color well, wash as ordinary and enable it to dry normally.

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