Do Not Give Hotdogs to Kids! Doctors Warn Against This Dangerous Food


Doctors all advise to stop feeding kids hotdogs. This food is favorite to many people in USA and many people eat it daily, especially at festivals and various such occasions.

Maybe 155 million hotdogs are eaten every 4th July in USA! This is a huge number.

As to a research, kids that eat more than 12 hotdogs in a month have 9 times more risks of leukemia.

Also pregnant women who eat at least 1 hotdog per week are more prone to have a baby with brain tumor.

The father that eats hotdogs regularly before conceiving will increase the risk of cancer to his baby.

The main issue: nitrite additiv

These nitrite additives are main items in the hotdogs and they fight botulism.

For the cooking process of the hotdog, amines and nitrates are mixed and combined. Amines are seen in the meat for the N-nitroso, and this is a carcinogen

If you eat hotdogs or your family eats them, at least get those nitrite-free meats to have a healthier option of this tasty food, or as a last resort limit eating hotdogs.