A Friend Gave Me This Recipe and My Nails Stopped Breaking and They Grow Healthy and Fast


The big and strong nails boost the self esteem of the women. When they want to impress others, the women get a manicure treatment.

Since nails are easily damaged and the growth of nails is slow, most of the women do not have a big nails.

Having long and strong nails is a dream of ever woman. In fact, our finger nails grow slower compared to our toenails. Many different issues such as nutritional health issues, hormonal changes and medications can significantly slower the growth of your nails.

However, today we will present you an amazing natural remedy that will speed up the growth of your nails. Garlic is just one of the ingredients that will protect your nails against any bacterial and fungal contamination and also accelerate nail growth.

Despite there are different products that promise strengthening of the nails, the following will also harden your nails.

Lemon, garlic and Vitamin E capsules are the needed ingredients for this remedy.

Vitamin E provides moisturization, decreases the weakening and stimulates its growth.

Garlic is full of sulphorus which strengthens the whole structure of your nail.

Lemon diminishes different yellow color fungi that can appear on your nails.

Natural Method to Grow Your Nails

  • A capsule of vitamin E
  • 20 drops of lemon juice
  • 3 cloves of peeled garlic
  • A transparent nail polish


Soak the garlic cloves on some hot water for 15 min and then crushed them completely until you get a paste.

Pour the capsules and the garlic paste in the enamel and then add 20 drops of the lemon and mix everything well.

Let the mixture macerate from day to day and then apply it on the weak nails and let it dry completely. Repeat this procedure on a daily basis.

Remove the thin layer once it is formed and the repeat its application with the fresh product. You will get favorable and amazing results!

Perform the whole treatment for 30 day!

Via home remedies garden