8 Eyeliner Mistakes You Are Making, Know How To Correct Them


Eyes are the most beautiful part of a woman. They often use makeup to make their eyes more beautiful. Eyeliner is one of the important parts of eye makeup. For many women, makeup is not complete without eyeliner. A dash of eyeliner can either enhance your look or ruin it, if it is not properly used. Today we are sharing some mistakes that you must avoid while putting eyeliner.

1. Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is meant for eyelids only,Do not use liquid eyeliners for under eyes, they will give an overwhelming look. Instead, use an eye pencil to complete the look.

2. Lash Lines.

Fill the lash line gap completely. Not doing this will make your eye look tired. If you notice gaps after in between after applying one stroke, fill in the gaps and ensure that you finish a tight lining.

3. Not Using A Right Technique

If you are not aware of right technique to use eyeliner, then do not apply it just randomly. Check out this self-explaining picture to know the right technique.

Use scotch tape, place a small piece scotch tape on eye lid and apply eyeliner and get perfect eye winged eyeliner shape.

4. Using Curlers

One of the common mistakes while applying eyeliner is that women end up using curler after applying the eyeliner, however this smudge the eyeliner and give a uneven look to your eyes. To avoid this, use curler before applying the eyeliner.

5. Blending.

Blending eyeliner correctly is very important to give your eyes a natural look.

6. Dried Out Eyeliners.

Never try using dried out eyeliners, they will not give you a good finish, and will appear too light on eyes. Ensure that your eyeliner is wet and not too old.

7. Giving Your Eyes A panda Look.

Some women like to apply eyeliner below the eyes too, but remember this will only make you look like a raccoon or pandas. Avoid doing this, as looks too heavy and harsh.

8. Applying Eyeliner Without Primer.

Many women use eyeliner without primer. This is wrong and can give your eyes a cakey look. Primer is must because it provide even base for eyeliner application and will keep it smudge proof.

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Source: Youtube/ AlexandrasGirlyTalk, glowpink.com, healthhacks.be