30 adorable newborns who hilariously messed up their parents’ photoshoots


The birth of a child is nothing short of a miracle. Newborn babies are amazing — they’re tiny, they’re adorable, and they have that wonderful baby smell. But let’s face it — they can be a bit of a handful.

Newborn babies are precious, but they’re also filled with poo, spit-up, and all sorts of other fun things. It’s hard to predict when any of these things might happen. Like in the middle of a photo shoot, for example.

Here are 30 times when a newborn ruined a photography session with an *ahem* accident.

No one said parenting was clean!

1. Dad’s oblivious, older son knows what’s up.

2. A precious moment turned into a brief interruption of showers.

3. Sure, she can laugh. She’s not the one getting thrown up on.

4. We’re not exactly sure what’s happening here, but it’s not a good look for either of them.

5. It’s the risk you take when you’re near, around, or holding a newborn.

6. Not a newborn, still enough to make you gag. At least it missed his back?

7. Dad was trying to be too serious, so baby decided to liven things up a bit.

8. There are no winners here.

9. If this mischievous face is indicative of the future, Mom and Dad are in trouble.

10. Mom’s embarrassed and dad is laughing — typical.

11. Those faces are from the dribble of pee that we cannot see in this photo. Lovely.

12. The camera captured the very moment dad realized something was not right.

13. Someone is going to want to grab this guy a towel before he stands up.

14. Of course, he chose to go with the light-colored plaid shirt for the shoot.

15. How quickly things can go from precious to putrid.

16. Well, at least they can laugh about it.

17. The second photo in this sequence is priceless.

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